Why are Oil Pouches widely used in industries dealing with Liquid Packaging?

March 18, 2021 Liquid Pouches
Why are Oil Pouches widely used in industries dealing with Liquid Packaging?

Packaging liquid products (oil, milk, butter, etc.) is way more complicated than packaging solid products (dry fruits, food grains, etc.). A bit of moisture or oxidation may lead to uncertainties in the flavor, smell, freshness, and duration of the product.

Also, we have to be aware of every small mistake taking place while liquid packaging. As if there will be a small hole while packaging solid products it may show less product, whereas in packaging liquid products a small hole may lose gallons. Therefore, it is a must that the material used for oil packaging is perfect in all its states and capable to perform the desired activities. Moreover, to help you throughout Solos Polymers Pvt. Ltd. (SPPL) has come up with high-quality oil pouches.

Our team of experts has the capability to provide pouches as per the demand of the customers. They work smartly and efficiently to bring out the solution for every type of packaging, as we believe customer satisfaction is the key to a better relationship. Oil films used for manufacturing oil pouches are first passed through various checks so that they can easily meet and satisfy the requirements of our clients. More than that at the initial stage of manufacturing, the oil film used is produced from the finest quality raw materials which make us stand out from the other oil packaging manufacturers. Further, we ensure that each of our manufactured products meets the industry standards for providing utmost convenience.

As an oil packaging supplier and manufacturer, we have varieties of shapes, sizes, and colors available, also they can be customized as per the requirements. Mainly, oil pouches are used for packaging in edible oil industries.

Edible oil packaging pouches provides benefits like:

  • Smooth Texture

Rigid or bumped surfaces raise concerns like low-quality, more wear, and tear. Such irregular texture of oil pouch will lead to product damage. Thus, smooth texture is an important aspect for one looking for perfect oil pouches for their liquid packaging purposes. A smooth texture makes the pouch water-resistant, wear, and tear-resistant also enhances the overall quality. Plus, people love products packaged in such smooth textured packaging.

  • Puncture Resistant

As discussed earlier a small hole referred to as a puncture can easily lose gallons. It is a must to have packaging that is puncture resistant, even the smooth texture of the packaging may assist in achieving the terms of puncture-resistant. Usually, it is denoted as the ability of a material to inhibit the intrusion of foreign materials. A puncture-resistant oil packaging makes sure that the transportation or storing of the product is done with the utmost safety.

  • Printable

Besides, we as an edible oil pouch manufacturer provides you the best quality oil pouch. The oil film we use can be printed easily. Printing your brand’s logo or name on the pouches will also help you in marketing your brand.

  • Economical

Though one can get varieties of oil pouches at an optimum rate, also its weight is optimum which helps in reducing the cost of traveling.

If you are an edible oil industry holder or dealing with the packaging of liquid products then having an oil pouch dealer like us is worth it! Get your concerns solved today! As we never leave our customers astray.


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