Stand Up / Zip Lock Pouch

Stand Up / Zip Lock Pouch

A standup pouch or a zip lock pouch is a type of packaging that lets you reseal the package after it is opened once.

Our standup/zip-lock pouches are available in various shapes, sizes, colors options so that you can choose the right one for yourself. We are specialized in offering customized standing zip-lock pouches as per the demand of our clients. Our zip-lock pouches are manufactured with premium quality material suitable for storing food and pharmaceutical products. These zip-lock pouches are used in large/bulk quantity products where products can be partly used & the rest part of the products will save till another use. For brand-specific requirements, we provide custom printed standup pouches.

Benefits of our zip lock pouches:

Standup pouches from Solos Polymers Pvt. Ltd has the following benefits

  • Can be used for food products as well as medicines.
  • Premium quality material is used to manufacture the ziplock pouches.
  • Resealability makes it reusable.
  • Once you open it, you can seal it again which makes it easy for you to keep the remaining ingredients fresh.
  • Food items and namkeen manufacturers can use zip lock pouch bags to store food and namkeen on the shelves.
  • The bottom gusset in the standup pouches allows you to advertise your business.
  • Available at affordable rates

The stand-up pouches can be kept on the shelf in malls & other shops. These are strong and reliable as well as we have zip lock pouches with a bottom gusset so that you can use for advertisement purpose also.

Solos Polymers is a one of the leading zip lock pouch bags manufacturer and supplier based in India. We are also snack pouch & namkeen pouch suppliers that are made of high-quality material. You can inquire for a small zip lock pouch, medium or large-sized stand-up pouches according to your needs.

All the products we manufacture are made up of premium materials. We assure our customers and clients that all the products we provide are quality-oriented.

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