The Company

The Cover of Care

"Imagination is more powerful than Knowledge." - Albert Einstein

Your product is your identity. It's important to retain the values of your product throughout its life cycle. These values need to be protected. From constant pushing, pulling or some unfriendly handling to factors like air, pollutants or other degrading conditions, the further your products go, the more they are at risk of damage.

But not anymore because We'll Cover You! With utmost precision and backed by practical testing, we at Solos have reimagined how your products move, by creating packaging solutions that fit your identity, retain your product's value and give your clients that factory-fresh experience.

We were founded on the very values of caring for your products, your brand's value and to revolutionize the concept of Flexible Packaging solutions. As an extension of packaging industry's renowned vetran names, Umasree and Bulkcorp, we have established ourselves right from the start as a premier Manufacturer & Exporter of the most innovative FLEXIBLE PACKAGING AND BULK PACKAGING material. We offer our clients an ever-increasing trust in our capabilities.

Our experienced technocrats consistently provide high-quality solutions that meet the emerging market needs with the help of advanced manufacturing processes. These indigenous solutions enable our customers to protect their products, preserve their product values and promote their brand image, thus maintaining the authenticity of their products. It also increases the shelf life of packed items with factory-freshness, enhances the purchase appeal of your product and increases brand awareness.

Welcome to Solos... Your Cover of Care...


  • Customized user experience & utility
  • Product friendly for every type
  • In-house graphics & branding
  • Tested and Validated material
  • Logistics Considerations


  • Optimization cost of ownership
  • Always suited to evolving customer preferences
  • Constantly upgraded technology


  • Completely sustainable in production & use
  • Sincere practice of recycling and circular economy
  • Endeavors for positive environmental impacts

Solos Promise

Bonding with Trust

Creating long-term relationships with all stakeholders by being proactively responsive.

Creating Values

Consistently delivering value and empowering clients to transform into a high-performance business through our total packaging solutions.

Innovative Offerings

Actively developing new packaging solutions with evolving technologies that efficiently addresses customer's dynamic needs.

Dynamic Response to Market

Anticipating market trends and continuously responding to internal and external reactions to packaging products.

Environmental Sustainability

Positively impacting environment to protect the planet and conserve nature.