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How do FIBC Liners Extend Hemp Biomass and Shelf Life?How do FIBC Liners Extend Hemp Biomass and Shelf Life?August 17, 2023FIBC LinersThe Hemp Industry is growing exponentially worldwide because of its numerous valuable applications, such as developing medications, skin care products, food ingredients, and more. It is vital to take care of your Hemp inventory by giving it an excellent protection layer for safeguarding against natural contaminants and maintaining its quality. FIBC Liners are perfect for handling, […]continue reading
What are Gusseted Liners? Why should you use them?What are Gusseted Liners? Why should you use them?June 21, 2023FIBC LinersLiners have created a prominent impression in the FIBC Bags market because of their excellent features, remarkable advantages, and applications. Various FIBC Liners are available in the FIBC market, of which Gusseted Liners have made its pre-eminent identity. Gusseted Liners are standard FIBC Liners, modest pricing, highly durable, and robust. In this blog, we will walk you […]continue reading
Which Industries Benefit from FIBC Liners?Which Industries Benefit from FIBC Liners?October 06, 2022FIBC LinersWe can see an increasing demand for Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) in the market because of its flexibility and reusability. Now when there is a need to give a better shape and structure to these FIBC, a liner is added inside it as a second skin. With a perfect shape being displaced, steady stacking […]continue reading
Top 5 Facts About FIBC LinersTop 5 Facts About FIBC LinersJuly 25, 2022FIBC LinersFlexible Intermediate Bulk Container or FIBC has revolutionised the raw material transportation industry. However, for certain products such as very fine powders, an FIBC bag is often fortified with an FIBC liner to enhance their safety and efficiency. As the name suggests, an FIBC liner is a layer of Polyethylene that can be lined inside an FIBC […]continue reading
Different Packaging Liners Offered by Solos PolymersDifferent Packaging Liners Offered by Solos PolymersMay 24, 2022Packaging LinersPackaging liners have a crucial impact on both commercial packaging and industrial applications. These protective solutions made of different polymers keep products safe inside flexible packaging from external influences. In bulk containers, packaging liners protect products from contamination while finding appropriate applications in industrial mining processes. With their widespread applicability, packaging liners take various forms to accommodate different […]continue reading