Different Packaging Liners Offered by Solos Polymers

May 24, 2022 Packaging Liners
Different Packaging Liners Offered by Solos Polymers

Packaging liners have a crucial impact on both commercial packaging and industrial applications. These protective solutions made of different polymers keep products safe inside flexible packaging from external influences. In bulk containers, packaging liners protect products from contamination while finding appropriate applications in industrial mining processes.

With their widespread applicability, packaging liners take various forms to accommodate different applications. The lining products that top packaging liners manufacturers offer are FIBC liners, industrial liners, pond liners, and gas barrier liners. Let us look at each of these package-lining products briefly.


FIBC Liners

FIBC Liners form a protective layer to keep products safe inside bulk containers, safeguarding them from the air, moisture, and light. In most cases, these liners are reusable, thus making them a cost-effective option.

FIBC liners help lock the freshness of products and hence are most suitable for perishable goods. The strong build of the material prevents any leakages, thus maintaining the integrity of the product held within. Further, FIBC liners make a robust overall packaging solution suitable across industries like chemicals, food, agro-products, petrochemicals, minerals, etc.


Industrial Liners

Industrial liners are lightweight, strong, and durable. These also have the unique quality of resistance to chemical degradation. All these properties make these liners the perfect fit for creating long-term containment structures for oil, gas, and other chemicals. Other applications of industrial liners include containment to retain water, electrical substations, algae harvesting, tank liners, or any other operation requiring water retention or preventing water vapour transmission.


Pond Liners

Pond liners are impermeable geomembranes made of polyethylene, installed in water containment zones that prevent loss due to seepage into the surrounding soil. Widely used for aquaculture, livestock tanks, recreational purposes such as pools, etc., pond liners are indispensable in securing water contaminants. Available in a variety of thickness blends, pond liners are custom-fabricated to suit specific client requirements.


Gas Barrier Liners

Gas barriers Liners, widely used in the packaging industry, are an effective way to protect sensitive goods by limiting vaporization and movement of gas. Particularly useful for packaging food products, cosmetics, electronic components, etc., that are prone to damage due to air contact, gas barrier liners seal the contents off in the packages to preserve their quality. These liners, made of various polymers, are very lightweight and flexible.

Solos Polymers is one of the leading packaging liner manufacturers in India, producing and supplying all of these liner varieties to a cross-section of industries. Need packaging liners for your application? Call us on +91 99798 40809 for a discussion today!

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