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A Brief Look at the Future of Flexible PackagingA Brief Look at the Future of Flexible PackagingJanuary 19, 2022Flexible PackagingFlexible packaging is currently the most widely used form of packaging in the world. Hailed for its convenient shape, lightweight, ease of use and re-sealable features, flexible packaging is the preferred choice of consumers and brands. Flexible packaging involves packaging products using non-rigid materials like foil, plastic, and paper, to create bags, pouches and other […]continue reading
How Flexible Packaging Impacts the Food IndustryHow Flexible Packaging Impacts the Food IndustryJanuary 11, 2022Flexible PackagingToday’s ‘on-the-move’ consumers prefer convenience, utility and efficiency when it comes to dispensing and transporting food and beverage. As a result, even liquid food items like soups are increasingly being packaged in soft-sided, collapsible pouches instead of rigid packaging containers. Flexible packaging has emerged as the top packaging solution across the food and beverage industry […]continue reading
Why Flexible Packaging Solutions Are Ideal for Nutritional SupplementsWhy Flexible Packaging Solutions Are Ideal for Nutritional SupplementsDecember 22, 2021Flexible PackagingNutritional or dietary supplements are available in various forms like tablets, capsules, gummies, powders, drinks, and energy bars. Since these supplements contain extracts to compensate for the dietary deficiency of vital nutrients, it is important to package them such that the potency of the ingredients is retained throughout the shelf-life.   Traditionally nutritional supplements were […]continue reading
How Flexible Packaging Promotes Eco-Friendly Packaging of SnacksHow Flexible Packaging Promotes Eco-Friendly Packaging of SnacksDecember 17, 2021Flexible PackagingWith environmental degradation becoming a cause of concern globally, several brands are moving towards more sustainable practices across all levels of production. In recent years, flexible packaging has slowly gained popularity as an environment-friendly alternative to other types of packaging materials, especially when it comes to snack foods. But is it really a sustainable option? […]continue reading
The Advantages of Working with The Right Flexible Packaging Company in IndiaThe Advantages of Working with The Right Flexible Packaging Company in IndiaAugust 28, 2021Flexible PackagingWhen you’re looking for flexible packaging companies in India, you’re likely to get flooded with choices. It can be a tough task to find the right one, especially so because every packaging company out there is making tall claims. However, before you buy into any of those promises, it’s vital to do your research and […]continue reading
Transparent Pouches for Product PackagingTransparent Pouches for Product PackagingMarch 25, 2021Transparent PouchesEither you have the food & beverage industry, cosmetics & health care industry, or any diverse industry competition keeps increasing each day. Therefore, the demand for effective marketing has reached a new level. Moreover, people nowadays believe in perception, thus having sometimes attractive printed packaging will not help you out in attracting a buyer’s attention. […]continue reading
What is a Water Packaging Pouch & its Advantages?What is a Water Packaging Pouch & its Advantages?January 13, 2021Water Packaging PouchesWater pouches are manufactured to carry mineral water easily in a spout anywhere. Further, they are referred to as emergency drinking water pouches. As they are easy to carry whether you are using them in your daily routine, office routine, or during traveling, they work as a common means of supplying water. Especially countries suffering from the water crisis can use these mineral water pouches to use the water efficiently.continue reading