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Biodegradable Mulch Film: What is it & its BenefitsBiodegradable Mulch Film: What is it & its BenefitsJune 24, 2022Mulch Film  The rising carbon footprint is posing a serious threat to the environment. It aggravates global warming, contributes to climate change, contaminates the air and the soil, and leaves an overall negative impact on health and sustainability. In such an alarming scenario, it is only viable to shift to better and more sustainable agricultural practices […]continue reading
Using Mulch Film: Tips From Top Mulch Film ManufacturersUsing Mulch Film: Tips From Top Mulch Film ManufacturersOctober 14, 2021Flexible Packaging, Mulch FilmMulching is an age-old agricultural technique to create favorable conditions for plant growth and development by laying a protective covering on the soil. Widely used in intensive agricultural production, mulching improves the bio-structure of the soil, thus enhancing the crop-growing conditions. Originally, farmers and agriculturists would use natural vegetable mulching such as leaves, straw or […]continue reading