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Biodegradable Mulch Film: What is it & its BenefitsBiodegradable Mulch Film: What is it & its BenefitsJune 24, 2022Mulch Film  The rising carbon footprint is posing a serious threat to the environment. It aggravates global warming, contributes to climate change, contaminates the air and the soil, and leaves an overall negative impact on health and sustainability. In such an alarming scenario, it is only viable to shift to better and more sustainable agricultural practices […]continue reading
Benefits of Choosing the Right Plastic Mulch ManufacturersBenefits of Choosing the Right Plastic Mulch ManufacturersMay 16, 2022Mulch FilmPlasticĀ mulch films, an inorganic alternative to the organic bark chips, hay, peat moss, etc., is a UV stabilized polyethylene film used to cover a cultivated bed of soil. Plastic mulch can insulate and condition the soil, besides preventing soil erosion. With plastic mulching, growers can conveniently harvest higher yields of improved-quality crops, with increased water-use […]continue reading