Is Agricultural Mulch Film Advantageous For The Fertility Of Soil?

February 19, 2021 Mulch Film
Is Agricultural Mulch Film Advantageous For The Fertility Of Soil?


Agricultural mulch film is used widely with the aspect to protect soil from moisture loss, run-off, disinfection, and so much more. Solos Polymers Pvt. Ltd. (SPPL) as an agricultural mulch film manufacturer delivers mulch films in diverse sizes, quantities, and colors. Our experts are experienced enough to offer films that suit the client’s requirements. Mainly, it depends upon the type of crop, type of soil, and the surrounding environment.

As a well-known agricultural mulch film manufacturer, the raw material, which we use for manufacturing, includes pure version material like matelocien, LLDPE, HDPE for better strength and long life. Our living environment is being polluted every single day, therefore we have taken a step forward to create such products that are environment-friendly and do not spread pollution.

Here are some advantages of mulch films for agricultural applications:
  • Convenient & Durable

One can implement it easily without compromising the needs of crops. Even after covering your crop with mulch, you can provide every essential component to your crop. You just have to be precise while covering. Take note that the mulch film is created by keeping some holes in between, thus, those holes must be placed above where the seeds are germinated. If they are not exactly above the specified spot then the crop growth will be within the film. These holes can surpass the required air, sunlight, and water for crop production.

  • Boosts Soil Fertility

The main reasons why soil loses its fertility are moisture loss and run-off over the field. If agricultural mulch film is placed and fitted appropriately then it will help in holding the moisture loss of the soil and the run-off effects. This boosts the fertility of the soil. Moreover, this film breaks into components and merges with the soil, the chemical reacts with the soil assisting in boosting the soil fertility.

  • Enhanced Crop Production

We are the best agricultural mulch film supplier; hence, the mulch films we offer are of high-quality that provides utmost safety over the weed growth and other disinfectants acting on the crop. As an outcome, crop loss reduces to almost zero which indirectly leads to enhanced crop production.

  • Cost & Labour Efficient

Besides their superficial features, they are available at an affordable rate. Also, their installation can be done easily, similarly, one does while installing traditional plastic film on the field. Thus, it shows advantages like cost and labor efficiency.

  • Biodegradable

As we are dealing with agriculture, we have to be concise about environmental surroundings. Earlier, the usage of traditional plastic was done but it was non-biodegradable. Therefore, the environment gets polluted. As of now, with the enhancement in technology, our experts can produce biodegradable mulch films that not only create an environment-friendly environment but also increase soil fertility, as discussed above!

  • Customization Options Available

Different types of crops need different types of colors, shapes, and sizes as per their requirements. These various colors of mulching films can be customized easily. We are well-known as an agricultural mulch film supplier, who provide various customization options.

Contact us now for agricultural mulch films to enhance your agricultural production.

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