How To Select Appropriate Food Saver Vacuum Pouches?

March 19, 2019 Flexible Packaging
How To Select Appropriate Food Saver Vacuum Pouches?

The quality of vacuum pouches is the most crucial factor taken into consideration while packaging or storing food products. Vacuum food saver pouches continue growing widely with food products such as fish, meat, game, etc. Many homes throughout the country have food products stored in vacuum pouches, as they remain fresh for a longer time. These vacuum packaging pouches are convenient for both domestic and commercial purposes.

FDA approves bags that can withstand hot and cold temperatures, also it must not affect the food quality. Ever since if you notice that vacuum pouch melts during vacuuming then it may give rise to many worries. Thus, ensure that the vacuuming machine removes enough air. To determine the quality of vacuum food saver bags do consider the three factors mentioned below:

1. Material Used For Manufacturing
The structure and formation of the pouch play a vital role because the insides of the pouches are going to contact directly with the food. Try dealing with the producers that guarantee the utilized materials are food grade and list down the temperatures, at which they are safe to use! Mainly they are manufactured using polyethylene and polyamide. Where polyamide ensures oxygen impermeability whereas polyethylene ensures quality sealing. A vacuum pouch manufactured using high-grade materials can maintain your food as it is for six months or longer.

2. Thickness
A thick enough vacuum pouch will not only prevent your food from external damages but will also provide reusability. The food pouches may rub each other in the container while shipping, thus, a thin pouch may get tear which leads to food spoilage. Using a thick pouch will avoid tearing and food spoilage.

3. Ribbed Profile
The last factor to distinguish a quality vacuum pouch is the shape and its ribbed profile. If the size of the store product is expanding the shape of the pouch then vacuuming properly is not the only solution. As it will be considered as improper packaging. Therefore the shape and how it is ribbed matter a lot! Appropriate ribbed profile height ensures vacuum packing is done effectively.

Why Selecting Appropriate Food Saver Vacuum Pouches Is Important?
Food protection is the most important factor. Contaminated food can be hazardous to many. Thus, select a vacuum pouch that provides benefits like:

  • Don’t tear easily
  • FDA approved
  • Enables many continuous cycles of packaging
  • Prevent oxidation
  • Doesn’t let harmful substances in
  • Work well with vacuum sealers
  • Bio-degradable

Looking for such packaging pouches that incorporate and satisfies the above-mentioned factors and benefits? Then get in touch with Solos Polymers Pvt. Ltd. We Pack Nature!

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