Top Things You Should Know About Pond Liners

June 17, 2022 Pond liners
Top Things You Should Know About Pond Liners

Ponds are natural, freshwater ecosystems built to store water. They serve as reservoirs and are life saviors in times when various parts of the world are hit by sudden dry spells. Ponds are created for a variety of reasons which include rainwater harvesting, providing water for farming, and livestock, and serving the human community at large. Natural or artificial, ponds need watertight polymeric sheet liners for retaining water and preventing them from leaking through their base.

There are many types of pond liners available, but the two most common ones are HDPE and EPDM. It is important to select the right liner for your pond when building it. HDPE or high-density polyethylene pond liners are popularly used these days. The advantages of using these liners are many. As we discuss them in brief in this blog, we also tell you about the leading brand that deals in pond liners in India.

Why Use HDPE Pond Liners?

● HDPE (high-density polyethylene plastic) pond liners are made up of petroleum-based thermoplastic polymers. It has its best application in large, farm ponds.

● Since they are made of single polymers, they are highly reusable.

● They are strong, rigid, sustainable, and offer excellent resistance to chemical exposures.

● They are weldable and highly durable with an average of 50 years of lifespan.

● They are quite affordable.

● The welds in the HDPE pond liners make them less toxic for recycling compared to EPDM liners.

● They can withstand high stress and are easily repairable if broken.

● They offer good UV resistance.

● They prevent evaporation.

● They promote favorable algae growth.

● They are fish-safe and safe for other water-living creatures.

● They have applications in agriculture farms, fish farming, rainwater harvesting, and other larger commercial water constructions.

● They are low maintenance.

● You don’t need a specific landscape or geographical area to build these pond liners – they can be built anywhere as they are highly resistant to extremities in weather conditions.

● They are highly effective in retaining water and preventing seepage, and hence are ideal in drought-prone areas.

Your Trusted HDPE Pond Liners Supplier

Solos Polymers is a leading brand name and one of the most reliable names as an HDPE pond liner manufacturer in India. Our liners come with incredible strength and durability, compactness, offer high resistance to chemicals, and can be easily installed with minimal disruption. Our prices are competitive, and our products provide excellent value for money. Get in touch with us today to buy our high-quality pond liners.

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