Pond Liners: A Layer between Water and Soil

January 22, 2021 Pond liners
Pond Liners: A Layer between Water and Soil

Pond liners are made using HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene), which is applied on the ponds while one is designing the shape or dimensions of the pond. It works as a thick layer set between the soil and the water of the pond. The main usage of applying pond liners is to stop water from going into the soil, otherwise whatsoever the water you have saved so far will disappear within some days.

Solos Polymers is an HDPE pond liner manufacturer and we believe in providing high-quality leak-free pond liners that help you in achieving your practices. There are three types of leak that can occur during the procedure, here they are:


While covering your pond with liner or afterward you’ll notice that small rocks, roots of trees, metallic objects, etc. will get banged with the surface of the plastic pond liner. This banging may cause punctures/tears, even a small puncture is capable of ruining the whole work. Anyhow, you have to be careful about the punctures/tears. But don’t you worry, we as one of the best pond liner manufacturers have a professionalized team who knows almost every concern regarding the installation of pond liners. To make the work of our client easier by avoiding such concern risks we manufacture pond liners that are puncture/tear-resistant.

Leaks in Seams

Many other manufacturers may lack in their sewing practices during the production stage. These shortages lead to leaks in seams. Seams refer to the area where two different parts are attached. We almost try our best to satisfy our customers with a single flow production but if required we have a skilled stitching team who never lets leaks in the seams. Additionally, each liner before delivering passes through various checks so that our customers get the best.

Age/Life Span

HDPE pond liners have higher durability, therefore their lifespan is assumed to be about a decade or more depending upon the environments. Further, its specialties like UV rays resistance, tear resistance, incredible strength, and apt thickness; and so on ensure the liner has a great lifespan.

Make sure that your choice mainly depends upon your specific needs and environment. Here are some points you must consider while opting for a pond liner of your choice:

  • Puncture resistance/ tear resistance (to reduce the chances of risk)
  • Non-toxic (helps in achieving water safety)
  • Long-lasting life span (reduces the cost)
  • Easy handling (weight and the method of implementation)
  • UV resistance
  • Appropriate thickness (varying from 50 microns to 1.5mm)

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