Why Do We Need Gas Barrier Liners?

July 19, 2022 Packaging Liners
Why Do We Need Gas Barrier Liners?

Barrier liners are special liners used inside FIBC to protect the contents within the container. Typically, your choice of liner will depend on the type of FIBC and the material. While some are suitable for fine powdery substances, others are used for liquids. Gas barrier liners are a type of FIBC liners that serve to protect the leak of gases from the container.

In this blog, we shed some light on what gas liners are and why we need them.

What are Gas Barrier Liners?

Gas barrier liners, as the name suggests, are meant to restrict the movement of gas between the container and its externals. It prevents the outside air from entering the container as well as the contents from vaporisation due to interaction with air from the outside. Gas liners are primarily used in the packaging of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, electric components, medical products etc.

Although these liners do not provide a 100% barrier against the movement of gas, they provide sufficient barrier protection and safeguard against the loss or damage of product.

Here are some of the other reasons why we need gas barrier liners.

Reasons To Use Barrier Liners

  1. Long-term Storage option. When it comes to long-term storage, it is important to seal the storage container to limit the movement of corrosive air and moisture. Gas barrier liners are perfect for such storage.
  2. It prevents corrosion. A gas barrier liner prevents the entry of moisture and thus reduces the exposure of the contents. It protects them while being transported and thus is a preferred option.
  3. Ideal for outdoor storage. In cases where the container and its content require to be transported or stored in outdoor facilities, it requires special protection from external factors. Sunlight, moisture and exposure to air can cause the contents to be damaged. A gas barrier liner ensures that does not happen.
  4. Versatility. Gas barrier liners play an important role in keeping the transportation industry hassle-free. It serves many purposes like protecting the contents of the container. It also helps gas emissions from the content stay in the bag.

Choose a Reputed Gas Barrier Liner Manufacturer

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