How do Agricultural Mulch Films yield higher crop production?

September 13, 2022 Mulch Film
How do Agricultural Mulch Films yield higher crop production?

All farmers aim towards increasing their crop production year after year. In addition to that, they have to protect the ongoing crop growth from the parasites in the external environment such as blocking any weed growth, physical degradation, preserving the soil moisture as well as maintaining the soil temperature. In order to increase their productivity with ultimate protection, many farmers tend to opt for Agricultural Mulch Films from Solos Polymers. With the help of these mulch films, they can increase their agricultural yield efficiently which becomes profitable for them.

How are these Agricultural Mulch Films beneficial?

These films are extremely huge in size. This means that they can be easily spread over millions of acres of agricultural land. Moreover, in comparison with other mulch film options, these agricultural mulch films are affordable and can easily fit within a farmer’s budget. Thus, a lot of the farmers while doing their future planning for crop production tend to include Agricultural Mulch Films from Solos Polymers which offers them an option to regulate the soil temperature. Moreover, these forward-thinking producers save up abundantly in terms of time and money without any form of drawbacks. As a result, the farmers would spread these mulch films before planting the seeds because the optimally spaced holes in these films leave sufficient space for air to enter which leads to higher produce.

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Why biodegradable Agricultural Mulch Films?

Before biodegradable films came into the market, almost all farmers relied upon non-biodegradable mulch films. These kinds of agricultural mulch films were made from a toxic material such as plastic polyethylene (PE). Not only was it hazardous to the environment, but also harmful to the health of the workers involved on the field. In addition to that, it is technically next to impossible to remove all the possible plastic residues from the soil which means it remains in some of the most productive soils for decades to come and hampers its quality. Moreover, biodegradable films mean they are eco-friendly in nature. This is because they are decomposable by nature and do not pollute the soil. As opposed to standard PE films that take over 300 years to decompose, the biodegradable agricultural mulch films from Solos Polymers mixes with the soil without releasing any toxic gases while decomposing.

The Agricultural Mulch Films from Solos Polymers is a number one choice for a growing number of farmers. One of the reasons it leaves no form of microplastics behind while decomposing and is extremely environment friendly. Not only is it cost-effective as much as being half the price than the average PE films but also ensures that the soil receives adequate sunlight, irrigation and other essential things through its built up. Contact us now to get yours!

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