5 Things to Ask Before Choosing a Flexible Packaging Company

May 29, 2021 Flexible Packaging
5 Things to Ask Before Choosing a Flexible Packaging Company

With time, the demand for flexible product packaging has increased from both businesses, and consumer ends. The reasons behind choosing flexible packaging are manifold, though convenience takes the top slot. Cost-efficiency is a significant perk of flexible packaging as these offer a high product-to-package ratio, not to mention secure and tamper-proof packages. Flexible packaging takes up 35% less retail shelf space. Moreover, a business can be as innovative as they wish to customize their product packaging through custom packaging solutions.

Given the benefits, flexible packaging companies find a wide range of takers in both retail and institutional sectors. The biggest user of flexible packaging is the food industry, clocking up an order size of 59%, followed by non-food retail, medical and pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, industrial applications, and institutional products.

Have you been considering customized packaging solutions for your products? Let us help you with a checklist to choose a flexible packaging company for your business.


1. What type of flexible packaging does your product need?

Your product type —perishable or otherwise, product’s dimensions, packaging system — manual or machine, handling frequency, supply chain from factory till end-user, etc. are some of the decisive factors that will decide the flexible packaging solutions your product needs. Also important is the type of flexible packaging features the company is experienced in or can deliver.


2. What is the minimum order quantity?

Typically, small and medium-sized organizations would want to order smaller batches of flexible packaging to avoid tying up a large amount of cash in inventory. Suppose you are an SME and the flexible packaging company you are targeting to collaborate with has a high minimum order range. In that case, you should probably negotiate to get to a win-win situation or explore more options.


3. What is the turnaround time?

The typical turnaround time within which the flexible packaging company will deliver your order is crucial. Starting from the production process till the distribution of the finished product, your entire assembly line is put on hold till the time you package the products that are already produced. This disruption is as undesirable as defective packaging.


4. Will the cost of flexible packaging suit your budget?

The flexible pouch packaging company you choose should quote you a price that fits within your overall budget. Otherwise, you would probably have to transfer the cost to your consumer by increasing the product pricing, leading to reduced sales. Ideally, the cost of product packaging shouldn’t affect your final product price or your profitability.


5. What are the customer service standards? 

It is imperative that the company you collaborate with offers you impeccable customer service. Enquire about the customer support practices of the company, whether they accommodate design requests, help with the purchasing process and every other detail that would ensure you can build a partnership and not just order a one-time job.

At Solos, we are one of the top flexible packaging company India that serves as a trusted provider of environmental packaging solutions to a wide range of business sectors.

If you wish to test out this checklist of questions, get in touch with us today. We can help you find the customized flexible pouch packaging best suited to your requirements.

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