What are the type of liners used for FIBC bags

December 05, 2022 FIBC Liners
What are the type of liners used for FIBC bags

Polyethylene liners are commonly known as poly liners, made from 100% virgin materials.

They are flexible plastic liners specifically designed for lining the inside of an FIBC Bag to ensure the product doesn’t come in contact with the walls of the bag.

They are primarily used to transport food & pharmaceutical products or other products with sensitive bulk materials like minerals, chemical materials, and fine powder.

Polyethylene liners are paired with FIBC Bags to provide an additional protective layer to avoid product cross-contamination. These liners are very effective in preventing any spillage or leaks and blocking contaminates like moisture & dust from flowing inside the bag.

The design of Polyethylene liners comes in dry bulk container liners, and it is based on the customer’s needs: single layer, double layer, or triple layer.

When to use Polyethylene Liners for bulk bags?

Using Polyethylene Liners with Chemicals

FIBC Bulk bags don’t come with a lifetime guarantee, however, it comes with robust durability if you maintain them properly and ensure that polyethylene liners play a significant role.

Using polyethylene liners for bulk bags help in preventing chemicals from sieving through the fabric weave & seams of the FIBC Bag. The liners protect the bag against rapid corrosion and wear & tear by preventing chemicals from coming in contact with the woven polypropylene.

Using Polyethylene liners with Fine Powders

Fine powders are more prone to leaking through the seams of the bag when it is being filled & moved. Shrinkage & leakage of fine powders can lead to inaccurate weighing & computation and even affect the business’s profits.

Polyethylene liners provide a remarkable tendency to keep chemicals and fine powders impregnable & shielded inside the bag.

At Solos Polymers, our FIBC Liners are made up of the finest quality Polyethylene liners for the prevention of leakage & keep the fine powders safe & risk-free inside the bag.

Using Polyethylene liners with sensitive operations

Sensitive products like dryable consumables, textile products, plastics, and chemicals. Polyethylene liners add a robust safeguard layer to ensure the product is wholly shielded inside the bag.

At Solos Polymers, our industrial liners are of superior quality and prevent moisture, dust, & other contaminants from coming in contact with the materials inside the FIBC.

Polyethylene liners are flexible to use for storing & transporting materials of any industry. However, two critical industries benefit hugely from poly liners.

Food Industry

The Food Industry deals very frequently with fine powders & sensitive materials, and contamination is not an option here. Any contamination in the food products will spoil the entire lot in the bag, leading to losses to the businesses.

At Solos Polymers, we supply pre-eminent quality poly liners which keep the food wholly shielded & guarded against any contamination, ensuring the high-level safety of food-grade products.


Solos Polymers is one of the leading manufacturers & suppliers of Polyethylene liners and has one of the best infrastructure for manufacturing Polyethylene liners.

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