What is a Water Packaging Pouch & its Advantages?

January 13, 2021 Water Packaging Pouches
What is a Water Packaging Pouch & its Advantages?

Water pouches are manufactured to carry mineral water easily in a spout anywhere. Further, they are referred to as emergency drinking water pouches. As they are easy to carry whether you are using them in your daily routine, office routine, or during traveling, they work as a common means of supplying water. Especially countries suffering from the water crisis can use these mineral water pouches to use the water efficiently.

Solos Polymers as a mineral water pouches manufacturer and supplier offers high-quality water pouches. Our experienced team provides safe packaging for mineral and drinking water. To maintain the quality and satisfying our customers, we perform several rigorous checks that make sure our packaging products are of supreme quality. Moreover, due to their applications in various fields, these water pouches are gaining more popularity and higher demand.

Moving ahead let us discuss the advantages of drinking water pouches:

Same Volume as Bottle

Why do people refer to bottles besides water pouches? Ever thought? If not then here is the reason. Packaging mineral and drinkable water in bottles contain more volume, whereas the water pouch does not. To take our clients off this hurdle, with our experience we are now able to manufacture water pouches that contain almost similar volume to that of the bottles. This is one of the best advantages, which is offered by our water pouches, which helped us in presenting ourselves as a leading water pouch manufacturers.

Durability & Quality

For instance, you have bought a water pouch as an emergency water supplier throughout traveling. You haven’t used it for a day and the next day when you return you see the water has leveraged. Doesn’t it seem to be a waste of money and the environment? Don’t worry, we are one of the best drinking water manufacturers and suppliers all across the sphere. Each of our products is made by inspecting the utmost qualities which makes sure that the durability of the pouches is higher. High-durability products will not only help one in storing and transporting mineral water in it for a longer period, but its high quality will also maintain the aspects of safety.

Rough & Tough

These pouches are manufactured using quality raw material PE (polyethylene) films. It shows various futuristic properties like:

● Wear and tear-resistant

● Puncture-resistant

● UV resistant

● Eco-friendly with nature

● Avoids foreign materials from penetrating the covering

Easy To Handle, Transport, & Store

After the pouch is emptied it turns lighter in weight which makes the product easy to handle. Further, its properties like rough and tough make it more durable that leads in transporting appropriately. Additionally, its lightweight assists in easy storing and reduction in the budget of transportation.

Customizable & Printable

The films we use for manufacturing drinking water pouches are printable and customizable. One can print their logo on the product which helps in advertising and marketing.

We are well-known as water pouches suppliers, as we supply products as per the requirements of our customers so that they can deliver their customers the best.

Call us or get in touch via email, for more information on water pouches.

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