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What are the Benefits of Pond Liners?What are the Benefits of Pond Liners?September 29, 2022Pond linersA pond liner is derived from a durable type of plastic to preserve any water sipping from the bottom of the pond, make a temporary swimming pool, etc. As these liners act as a protective shield, it is essential to get them from the best manufacturer. At Solos, our pond liners can be creatively constructed while […]continue reading
Top Things You Should Know About Pond LinersTop Things You Should Know About Pond LinersJune 17, 2022Pond linersPonds are natural, freshwater ecosystems built to store water. They serve as reservoirs and are life saviors in times when various parts of the world are hit by sudden dry spells. Ponds are created for a variety of reasons which include rainwater harvesting, providing water for farming, and livestock, and serving the human community at […]continue reading
Pond Liners: A Layer between Water and SoilPond Liners: A Layer between Water and SoilJanuary 22, 2021Pond linersPond liners are made using HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene), which is applied on the ponds while one is designing the shape or dimensions of the pond. It works as a thick layer set between the soil and the water of the pond. The main usage of applying pond liners is to stop water from going into the soil, otherwise whatsoever the water you have saved so far will disappear within some days.continue reading