Types & Application Usage of FIBC Bulk Bag LinersTypes & Application Usage of FIBC Bulk Bag LinersFebruary 24, 2023FIBC LinersFIBC Bulk Bags are renowned across the globe for their versatility & reliability in storing & transporting numerous materials from different industries. Some materials, such as combustible chemicals, gases, vapors, minerals, & fine powders, need an additional protection layer to safeguard against moisture intrusion, liquid seepage, dust sifting in materials, & other natural contamination. FIBC Bulk […]continue reading
Advantages & Application Usage of Polyethylene Liners in FIBC BagsAdvantages & Application Usage of Polyethylene Liners in FIBC BagsFebruary 15, 2023Polyethylene LinersPolyethylene liners, commonly known as poly liners, are flexible plastic liners. They are designed specifically to line the inner layers of FIBC bags to provide an additional layer of protection against natural contamination, moisture intrusion, & dust seeping through the bag’s weave. In this blog, we will walk you through the advantages of Polyethylene liners & their application usage. Advantages of […]continue reading
What are the type of liners used for FIBC bagsWhat are the type of liners used for FIBC bagsDecember 05, 2022FIBC LinersPolyethylene liners are commonly known as poly liners, made from 100% virgin materials. They are flexible plastic liners specifically designed for lining the inside of an FIBC Bag to ensure the product doesn’t come in contact with the walls of the bag. They are primarily used to transport food & pharmaceutical products or other products […]continue reading
Manufacturers & Suppliers of Industrial LinersManufacturers & Suppliers of Industrial LinersNovember 22, 2022Industrial LinersThe industrial sector is one of the critical & vital sectors which produces an extensive range of products that contributes to our daily life. At Solos Polymers, we support the Industrial sector by providing the most durable & reliable industrial liners for numerous industrial requirements. We supply one of the best Industrial Liners in the market at Solos Polymers. Advantages of […]continue reading
Which Industries Benefit from FIBC Liners?Which Industries Benefit from FIBC Liners?October 06, 2022FIBC LinersWe can see an increasing demand for Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) in the market because of its flexibility and reusability. Now when there is a need to give a better shape and structure to these FIBC, a liner is added inside it as a second skin. With a perfect shape being displaced, steady stacking […]continue reading
What are the Benefits of Pond Liners?What are the Benefits of Pond Liners?September 29, 2022Pond linersA pond liner is derived from a durable type of plastic to preserve any water sipping from the bottom of the pond, make a temporary swimming pool, etc. As these liners act as a protective shield, it is essential to get them from the best manufacturer. At Solos, our pond liners can be creatively constructed while […]continue reading
How do Agricultural Mulch Films yield higher crop production?How do Agricultural Mulch Films yield higher crop production?September 13, 2022Mulch FilmAll farmers aim towards increasing their crop production year after year. In addition to that, they have to protect the ongoing crop growth from the parasites in the external environment such as blocking any weed growth, physical degradation, preserving the soil moisture as well as maintaining the soil temperature. In order to increase their productivity […]continue reading
Top 5 Facts About FIBC LinersTop 5 Facts About FIBC LinersJuly 25, 2022FIBC LinersFlexible Intermediate Bulk Container or FIBC has revolutionised the raw material transportation industry. However, for certain products such as very fine powders, an FIBC bag is often fortified with an FIBC liner to enhance their safety and efficiency. As the name suggests, an FIBC liner is a layer of Polyethylene that can be lined inside an FIBC […]continue reading