Water Packaging Pouch

Water Pouch

Water pouches are plastic-based sealed pouches that can contain water and can be distributed to the customer in need. Because of its packaging, the pouches are also called emergency drinking water packets. Because they are leakproof, they are easy to carry while traveling.

Water pouches are generally used where the water wastage has to be prevented. Such situations arise when there are wedding functions or other family functions. Spilling water in such situations can cause a loss of water and an unhygienic environment.

This is how the concept of water pouches came into existence. That is why these water pouches are also called survival water pouches. Solos Polymers are considered as one of the trusted water pouch manufacturers & water pouch suppliers across the India & the globe. Our team produce high-quality drinking water pouches.

With our rich experience in this mineral water & drinking water pouch packaging industry, we offer a wide assortment of water pouches. You get a wide range of selections to choose from. Contact us to choose the one from a wide range of selections available in different colors, shapes, and sizes by contacting us.

We develop all our water packaging products with supreme quality material. This is the reason why we receive a higher demand from all our clients. Our water packaging pouch or water bags come with various attributes. These include but are not limited to higher quality, durability, optimum quality, reliability, rough and tough, and others making water pouches. Our pouches include the following:

  • a simple drinking water pouch
  • emergency water pouches
  • liquor pouches
  • small water pouch.

The fine finish with premium grade quality pouches makes these pouches defects-free and pinhole-free. With the kind of material, we use to manufacture these water pouches, our products come with high-quality materials. It also maintains the hygiene conditions of the water inside the pouch.

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