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How the Pet Food Industry Benefits from Flexible PackagingHow the Pet Food Industry Benefits from Flexible PackagingMarch 16, 2022Flexible PackagingFor pet parents, buying nutritious food in quality packaging is as important as for any human parent to ensure that they purchase quality and hygienic food for their pets. There is a rising demand among consumers and businesses alike for packaging that has a minimum environmental impact and keeps the food products safe and uncontaminated […]continue reading
A Brief Look at the Future of Flexible PackagingA Brief Look at the Future of Flexible PackagingJanuary 19, 2022Flexible PackagingFlexible packaging is currently the most widely used form of packaging in the world. Hailed for its convenient shape, lightweight, ease of use and re-sealable features, flexible packaging is the preferred choice of consumers and brands. Flexible packaging involves packaging products using non-rigid materials like foil, plastic, and paper, to create bags, pouches and other […]continue reading
How Flexible Packaging Impacts the Food IndustryHow Flexible Packaging Impacts the Food IndustryJanuary 11, 2022Flexible PackagingToday’s ‘on-the-move’ consumers prefer convenience, utility and efficiency when it comes to dispensing and transporting food and beverage. As a result, even liquid food items like soups are increasingly being packaged in soft-sided, collapsible pouches instead of rigid packaging containers. Flexible packaging has emerged as the top packaging solution across the food and beverage industry […]continue reading