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Why Do We Need Gas Barrier Liners?Why Do We Need Gas Barrier Liners?July 19, 2022Packaging LinersBarrier liners are special liners used inside FIBC to protect the contents within the container. Typically, your choice of liner will depend on the type of FIBC and the material. While some are suitable for fine powdery substances, others are used for liquids. Gas barrier liners are a type of FIBC liners that serve to […]continue reading
Different Packaging Liners Offered by Solos PolymersDifferent Packaging Liners Offered by Solos PolymersMay 24, 2022Packaging LinersPackaging liners have a crucial impact on both commercial packaging and industrial applications. These protective solutions made of different polymers keep products safe inside flexible packaging from external influences. In bulk containers, packaging liners protect products from contamination while finding appropriate applications in industrial mining processes. With their widespread applicability, packaging liners take various forms to accommodate different […]continue reading