What is a Shrink Wrap? What are the uses & advantages of Shrink Wrap?

April 08, 2021 Shrink Wrap
What is a Shrink Wrap? What are the uses & advantages of Shrink Wrap?

Shrinkwrap is also known as shrink film, and is manufactured using high-quality polymer plastic film. Solos Polymers as one of the leading shrink roll manufacturers, ensures the offered shrink films show excellent features while being used for wrapping. Ever thought, why are they called “shrink wrap”? This is because, at the time of packaging when the heat is applied to the film, it shrinks tightly over the covering surface. Further, to gather more about shrink films/wrap contact us or continue reading on!

Uses of Shrink Wrap Rolls

There are many ways to use these shrink-wrap plastic rolls, either one wants to ship their product overseas or wants the best preventative method to avoid damage. Shrink films can easily help you out, also in many different ways.

Many industries including beverages and portable drinks, cosmetics and personal care products, and many more use this industrial shrink-wrap for packaging with safety and shipping with ease. In most cases, shrink film is used in the beverage and portable drinks industry for wrapping Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) bottles.

Advantages of Shrink Wrap Rolls

Heavy Duty: The very first advantage one would look for while opting for a packaging product for their products is durability. Shrink-wrap rolls manufactured by us are highly durable, which can withstand wear, tear, and damage.


Lightweight: At the time of transportation, overall weight matters a lot in the budget of traveling. Therefore, keeping this aspect into consideration our experts try their best to lower the weight as much as possible along with the high-quality features.


Eco-friendly: Global warming is increasing day-by-day, besides plastic products are affecting more. Thus, to maintain the balance between our product usage by client and environment, we have come up with eco-friendly shrink-wrap. This shrink film uses materials that are biodegradable and reusable. A step towards eco-friendly packaging will lead to a green environment.


Transportation: Whether you are dealing with industrial supplies or transportation. It is more likely nowadays that the items you are dealing with should have been shrink-wrapped. The main reason for shrink wrapping is due to its flexibility. This thin sheet material can be used to pack flawlessly either a single product or a bulk of products. Also, its flexibility and tight covering prevent water and air from leaking in.


Marketing: Besides its features to allow the utmost storing and shipping facilities. It can be used further for marketing purposes. We as a shrink wrap supplier and manufacturer provides customization options to our clients so that they can meet their marketing desires.


For providing you with the utmost quality shrink wrap/films, our professionals check the manufactured units at varied parameters. If you want to get a solution for the packaging of bottles, cosmetic products, and more. Then contact us, we are a printed shrink film manufacturer.


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