Advantages & Application Usage of Polyethylene Liners in FIBC Bags

February 15, 2023 Polyethylene Liners
Advantages & Application Usage of Polyethylene Liners in FIBC Bags

Polyethylene liners, commonly known as poly liners, are flexible plastic liners. They are designed specifically to line the inner layers of FIBC bags to provide an additional layer of protection against natural contamination, moisture intrusion, & dust seeping through the bag’s weave.

In this blog, we will walk you through the advantages of Polyethylene liners & their application usage.

Advantages of Polyethylene Liners

  • Prevent materials inside the bags from insect infestations. Poly Liners seal the tiny pores & gaps, blocking the entrance of insects, termites, parasites, larvae, & bed bugs from spoiling the inventory.
  • Prevent materials inside the FIBC Bulk bags from natural contaminations, such as water, dust, dirt, & moisture from seeping through that can spoil the materials by coming in contact with them.
  • Poly Liners, also called FIBC liners, have anti-static properties, making them the perfect option for storing & transporting hazardous chemicals, fine powders, & minerals. The Liners protect the materials from getting stuck into the bag’s weave & causing electrostatic charges & damaging the stock.
  • Poly Liners FIBC bags have individual threads of polyethylene woven together, blocking the powdery materials from sifting through the bag’s weave.

Application usage of Polyethylene Liners

Polyethylene Liners have several application usages. Let us walk you through the salient application usage of Polyethylene Liners.

While transporting chemicals

FIBC Bulk Bags are resistant to several types of chemicals. However, some hazardous chemicals might cause quick deterioration of FIBC Bags. Hence, it is recommended to use Poly Liners for protection from dangerous chemicals & keep the quality of the FIBC bag unblemished.

Poly Liners provide an additional layer & keep the products inside the bag protected from sifting through the seams of the FIBC bag & bag’s fabric weave. Polyethylene Liners protect the chemical materials from getting stuck and coming in contact with the bag polypropylene, which can worsen the bag’s quality.

While transporting sensitive materials

Polyethylene Liners not only provide protection to the FIBC bag but also to the materials & products inside the bag. FIBC bags are used for storing & handling numerous types of materials, that includes sensitive materials.

Sensitive materials are food products, pharmaceutical materials, fine chemical powders, & minerals. Sensitive materials are susceptible to natural contamination & need an additional layer of protection.

Hence, it is a must to have polyethylene liners in FIBC Bulk bags to prevent intrusion of moisture, dust, dirt, & other natural contaminates from coming in contact with sensitive materials inside the bag.

Polyethylene Liners have anti-static properties & the best liners for storing & transporting sensitive materials.

While transporting Fine Powders

Liners are vital & a must while storing & transporting fine powdery substances. Fine powdery substances are susceptible to sift out of the FIBC Bag seams & body during the filling & discharging process. It leads to a massive loss of materials & increases contamination risk.

Polyethylene liners are an excellent option for sealing the tiny & minuscule pores & gaps of the bag to block the sifting of fine powdery substances. It also blocks the entrance of natural contaminants to come in contact with the fine powders. Poly Liners keep the fine powders wholly safe & secured during storage & transportation.


Polyethylene Liners are primarily used in Food & Pharmaceutical Industries as they manufacture sensitive products. Poly Liners protect materials inside the bag & retain the bag quality for a longer duration.

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