How Flexible Packaging Manufacturers Contribute to The Retail Industry

August 24, 2021 Flexible Packaging
How Flexible Packaging Manufacturers Contribute to The Retail Industry

Flexible packaging is the most sustainable option of packaging available today. Manufacturing flexible packaging consumes minimal energy, requires fewer raw materials, and emits lesser CO2 during transportation due to their practical size. Above all, well-designed flexible packaging solutions capture consumers’ attention and contribute to higher sales.

It’s not surprising that the flexible packaging market in India is growing at a CAGR of almost 12%, the incremental growth figure expected to touch USD 9.76 billion during 2020-24.

The retail industry is the biggest consumer of flexible packaging products, spanning the food, pet food, personal care, consumer product sectors, and more. The retail food sector accounts for 52% of the total flexible plastic packaging solutions sales in the USA alone.

So how do the flexible packaging manufacturers contribute to the retail industry? Let us take a look.

Wide variety of packaging solutions

Flexible packaging suppliers bring to the table an array of solutions that have different applicability for different types of products. Laminated packaging or gusseted packs, stand up or zip-lock pouches, vacuum pouches, or nitrogen flush pouches. Each of these different types of flexible packaging is used by the retail industry to present a variety of products. Gusseted packs, suitable for liquids, expand at the bottom when filled with the product without compromising on the strength of packaging. Nitrogen flush pouches effectively keep the freshness and flavour of the product, like tea leaves intact.

Each of these packaging products is designed keeping in mind the overall look of the product, the ease in storing, transporting, and displaying, and of course, the product’s safety.

Enhanced safety and hygiene factors

In the retail industry, most products belong to the food, personal care, and wellness categories. In each category, it is of utmost importance that the product inside the packaging remains uncontaminated from the factory to the consumer’s home via the retailer’s hub.

Also, with the expanding limits of online sales channels, the crux is to ensure that packaging doesn’t distort due to rigorous logistics involving multiple touchpoints.

The safety and hygiene factors of these packaging are ensured by none other than by the flexible packaging products manufacturer.

Better scope of communication through the packaging

Flexible packaging allows for innovative merchandising. Besides adjusting in limited retail space, they look good standing erect, hung up, laid down, and more. Owing to the laminated surface, product communication on flexible packaging comes across as bright and enticing to consumers.

Moreover, the material of the packaging also communicates the producer’s attitude towards sustainability. Offering sustainable packaging is crucial during present times due to the increased environmental consciousness among the masses and the regulatory bodies.

At Solos Polymers, we specialize in innovative flexible packaging for the retail industry. Call us today to chat about how we can help package your products for better marketability and safe distribution.

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