Which Industries Benefit from FIBC Liners?

October 06, 2022 FIBC Liners
Which Industries Benefit from FIBC Liners?

We can see an increasing demand for Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) in the market because of its flexibility and reusability. Now when there is a need to give a better shape and structure to these FIBC, a liner is added inside it as a second skin. With a perfect shape being displaced, steady stacking becomes a possibility. These liners are available in various forms as per the needs of the customers and are antistatic.

A form-fit liner will cover the needs of exceptional sanitation solutions as well as protect your product inside. Another type of liner is a lay-flat FIBC liner that has fixed dimensions but it is beneficial with its top opening. As a result, it helps in transferring the items while the base is secured as it is sealed. Through these liners, our customers can fill more content as per square foot area can be covered.

Now, as these FIBC liners provide ease in filling as well as transportation, they come in handy in various industries. These industries are: –

Plastic Industry:

The plastic industry can take advantage of liners depending on their filling and displacement structure. These are available such as top-spouted, bottom-spouted, skirt-shaped liners, etc. As a result, these liners act as a shield in protecting the contents inside the bag. Now, when the industries require to fill their bags with resins, they can easily do so as per their favoured spout-based opening. In addition to that, it helps in preventing any form of spillage and thereby saving the contents inside the bag.

A liner is commonly larger than the FIBC bag. However, these FIBC bags with stitched liners are created in a way that all the weight of the content is borne by the FIBC bag and not the liners. This helps in retaining the exclusive quality of the liners.

Food Industry:

The Food Industry highly relies on FIBC liners to protect the quality and maintain the hygiene of the product. If the oxygen from the surroundings enters the contents, it can change the smell of the food and thereby make it unfit for consumption. As a result, time and again this industry benefits from the bottle-shaped, open top, or cylindrical-shaped liners as per their packaging requirements.

At Solos we are all ears to our customer’s liner-related needs. Keeping the client’s needs in mind, we provide customized packaging and liner solutions. Our only goal is to add to your product value so that our customers hail in the market. Contact us today to know more.

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