Types & Application Usage of FIBC Bulk Bag Liners

February 24, 2023 FIBC Liners
Types & Application Usage of FIBC Bulk Bag Liners

FIBC Bulk Bags are renowned across the globe for their versatility & reliability in storing & transporting numerous materials from different industries.

Some materials, such as combustible chemicals, gases, vapors, minerals, & fine powders, need an additional protection layer to safeguard against moisture intrusion, liquid seepage, dust sifting in materials, & other natural contamination.

FIBC Bulk Bag Liners are the perfect option for protecting sensitive materials by sealing tiny pores & gaps to block the passage of moisture, dust, dirt & other natural contamination. FIBC Bulk Bag Liners are renowned for their flexibility & firmness.

In this blog, we will walk you through what FIBC Bulk Bag Liners are, their types, and their application usage.

What are FIBC Liners?

FIBC Liners are poly liners, also called plastic liners. FIBC liners are available in different shapes as per your requirement, allowing you stable stacking & optimal utilization of space for storing more products per square foot.

FIBC Liners are available in different variations, such as form-fit, lay-fit, conductive liners, food-grade liners, & more.

Types of FIBC Liners

There are multiple types of FIBC Liners. We will walk you through four salient types of FIBC Liners that are primarily used.

Lay-Flat FIBC Liners

Lay-Flat FIBC Liners have a cylindrical shape with an opening at the top & sealed at the bottom by applying heat pressure.

These liners are renowned for their structural strength, moisture-resistant, oxygen barrier, anti-static properties, and resistance to hazardous chemicals.

Form-Fit FIBC Liners

Form-Fit FIBC Liners offer top-notch protection and are one of the standard liners for storing & transporting materials.

At Solos Polymers, our Form-Fit FIBC Liners are designed as per the size of your FIBC Bulk Bags. Our Form-Fit FIBC Liners improve the filling of materials and give proper sanitation & protection.

Form-Fit FIBC Liners are resistant to oxygen, moisture, dust, dirt, & other natural contamination and safeguard products in the bag from damage.

Foil Liners

Foil Liners are the most reliable FIBC Liners that improve the filling & discharging process, allowing smooth inventory handling. Foil Liners are manufactured using different aluminum compounds to make them versatile for various applications.

Foil Liners offer UV protection, are moisture-resistant, and allow a plain sailing flow of oxygen for products inside the FIBC Bulk Bags.

Baffle Liners

Baffle Liners offer supreme-level packaging, stability, and reduced storage & shipping costs. These liners are square in shape & utilize internal baffles for retaining their original form.

Common application usage of FIBC Liners

While transporting construction materials

The construction Industry uses FIBC Bags for storing, handling, & transporting cement, sand, soil, stone, metals, & minerals.

FIBC liners have excellent properties that give robust protection by safeguarding construction materials against natural contamination.

They block tiny pores & gaps to protect materials from spillage, spoilage, & damage, making them the most reliable and durable bags for the construction industry.

While transporting critical products

Certain chemical products & minerals are highly sensitive & flammable in nature. If they are exposed to natural contamination, it can lead to heavy damage to inventory in the form of static charges and explosions.

FIBC Liners have anti-static properties that make them the ideal option for storing, handling, stacking, filling, lifting, & transporting flammable items & combustible materials, such as petroleum & carbon black.

FIBC liners are resistant to sparks and keep the materials safe during transportation.

While transporting thermoplastics

The thermoplastic industry supplies plastics to numerous industries across the globe. Thermoplastics need to be stored, handled, & transport safely.

FIBC Liners’ remarkable properties help safely transport thermoplastics without causing any reaction by coming in contact with the bag’s weave & from external intrusion.

While transporting Fine Powders

Fine Powders are susceptible to sifting out of the bag through tiny pores & gaps, leading to spillage & loss of materials. It can further lead to hazardous situations if they come in contact with natural contaminants.

FIBC Liners seal tiny pores & gaps and protect powdery substances from sifting out of the bag, saving inventory loss. FIBC Liners are best for storing & transporting powdery substances such as cement, zinc ash, cobalt powder, titanium dioxide, & food-grade powders.


After reading the entire blog, you will have an excellent understanding of the types & uses of FIBC Bulk Bag Liners. At Solos Polymers, we sell one of the best FIBC Liners in India and are a global exporter & supplier of FIBC Liners.

Get in touch with us for an FIBC Liners quotation or if you have questions regarding FIBC Liners usage. You can contact us via call at +91-9979840809 or email at

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