Top 5 Facts About FIBC Liners

July 25, 2022 FIBC Liners
Top 5 Facts About FIBC Liners

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container or FIBC has revolutionised the raw material transportation industry. However, for certain products such as very fine powders, an FIBC bag is often fortified with an FIBC liner to enhance their safety and efficiency.

As the name suggests, an FIBC liner is a layer of Polyethylene that can be lined inside an FIBC bag. This one step often makes a significant difference if you are planning to reuse your FIBC bags or use them for products that need additional protection.

Here are some facts about FIBC liners you might want to know before you go ahead and purchase them.

1) They make for a safer packaging

An FIBC liner acts as a layer of protection for the contents of an FIBC bag. If the material is fine and powdery, a liner prevents it from leaking and reduces the chances of contamination. It keeps out moisture and retains the integrity of the bag and its contents.


An FIBC liner is a great alternative to pre-lined bags. A pre-lined or coated jumbo bag comes with a layer of the lining that is sewn into the hem of the bags or tabbed at the seams. With a removable liner, the liner can be recycled and the FIBC can be reused many times over. 

3) They are designed to be versatile

High-quality FIBC liners are great for a lot of different applications. You can insert them loosely or attach them to the bag directly. You can also find FIBC liners that are designed with top and/or bottom spouts for safer handling, filling, and discharge.

4) Different liners for different uses

Different types of liners include form-fit liners which take the exact shape of the FIBC, thus keeping its content safe and pure. The tubular or lay-flat FIBC liners have a single opening and are a popular option. Food-grade liners are also used to keep food items fresh and safe.

5) They reduce static build-up

FIBCs and their contents can create static build-up causing unnecessary sparks which can be dangerous in specific environments. There are specialised liners which reduce and inhibit static build-up.

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