Guide on Nitrogen Flush PackagingGuide on Nitrogen Flush PackagingFebruary 27, 2021Gas flushed packagingAn appropriate packaging gas is required to store and transport sensitive products such as food. A modified atmosphere environment that inhibits unwanted chemical reactions such as oxidation and food spoilage can help you in achieving a better shelf life of the food products. But, the question that stands here is which gas can be flushed […]continue reading
Is Agricultural Mulch Film Advantageous For The Fertility Of Soil?Is Agricultural Mulch Film Advantageous For The Fertility Of Soil?February 19, 2021Mulch Film  Agricultural mulch film is used widely with the aspect to protect soil from moisture loss, run-off, disinfection, and so much more. Solos Polymers Pvt. Ltd. (SPPL) as an agricultural mulch film manufacturer delivers mulch films in diverse sizes, quantities, and colors. Our experts are experienced enough to offer films that suit the client’s requirements. Mainly, […]continue reading
Pond Liners: A Layer between Water and SoilPond Liners: A Layer between Water and SoilJanuary 22, 2021Pond linersPond liners are made using HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene), which is applied on the ponds while one is designing the shape or dimensions of the pond. It works as a thick layer set between the soil and the water of the pond. The main usage of applying pond liners is to stop water from going into the soil, otherwise whatsoever the water you have saved so far will disappear within some days.continue reading
What is a Water Packaging Pouch & its Advantages?What is a Water Packaging Pouch & its Advantages?January 13, 2021Water Packaging PouchesWater pouches are manufactured to carry mineral water easily in a spout anywhere. Further, they are referred to as emergency drinking water pouches. As they are easy to carry whether you are using them in your daily routine, office routine, or during traveling, they work as a common means of supplying water. Especially countries suffering from the water crisis can use these mineral water pouches to use the water efficiently.continue reading
How To Select Appropriate Food Saver Vacuum Pouches?How To Select Appropriate Food Saver Vacuum Pouches?March 19, 2019Flexible PackagingThe quality of vacuum pouches is the most crucial factor taken into consideration while packaging or storing food products. Vacuum food saver pouches continue growing widely with food products such as fish, meat, game, etc. Many homes throughout the country have food products stored in vacuum pouches, as they remain fresh for a longer time. These vacuum packaging pouches are convenient for both domestic and commercial purposes.continue reading
Which Types of Flexible Packaging Products Are The Best?Which Types of Flexible Packaging Products Are The Best?March 19, 2019Flexible PackagingFlexible packaging products are lightweight bags sealed via heat or pressure. As the name speaks, flexible packs offer customizing options. Thus, one can modify it with full ease as per the requirement. Additionally, flexible packaging products are manufactured on a low-cost budget but offer paramount protection from uncertain stress, compression, and perforation.continue reading