Why Flexible Packaging Solutions Are Ideal for Nutritional Supplements

December 22, 2021 Flexible Packaging
Why Flexible Packaging Solutions Are Ideal for Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional or dietary supplements are available in various forms like tablets, capsules, gummies, powders, drinks, and energy bars. Since these supplements contain extracts to compensate for the dietary deficiency of vital nutrients, it is important to package them such that the potency of the ingredients is retained throughout the shelf-life.


Traditionally nutritional supplements were packaged in rigid packaging like bottles and canisters. However, with product forms evolving, the way these are presented to the end customers have changed drastically. At present, the preferred mode to package nutritional supplements is flexible packaging including, stand-up pouches with a no-spill spout or re-sealable zipper, sachets with easy-tear notches, barrier packs, and so on.


Here’s why flexible packaging solutions are ideal for nutritional supplements.


Easy to handle: –


Flexible packaging makes the products easy to handle during the journey from the manufacturer to the retail store via the distributor channel and finally to the consumer. Despite the non-rigidness of the packages, these are sturdy enough to prevent spillage or contamination of the product within.


Extended shelf life :-


Constructed with multiple layers and barrier films, flexible packaging makes any tampering hard to go undetected. This feature alone makes such packaging the safest solution for a product like nutritional supplements that cater to the health of your consumers. Furthermore, flexible packaging ensures that your product remains fresh for a longer period.


Eco-conscious solution :-


Flexible packaging emits minimal greenhouse gases during the manufacturing process. Also, most flexible packages are recyclable, thus reducing the carbon footprint on the environment. Lighter than rigid packaging, flexible packs are easy to transport in large batches, resulting in lesser fuel consumption.


Consumer-friendly packaging :-


Consumer is king and the king desires convenience. Ease of storage, usage, and re-usability are the top attributes of flexible packaging that draw consumers. Nutritional supplements packaged in stand-up pouches with spouts are easy to pour and store. Then there are the convenient zipper packs that are re-sealable for use later.


Convenient single-dose packages :-


If you need to distribute sample packs, there is no better option than single-dose packages that will allow the consumers to try your supplementary product for a repeat purchase later.


Scope for innovation :-


Flexible packaging offers endless scope for innovation and customisation to suit your product and attract customers. Experiment with eye-catching shapes and sizes of the packages and utilise the space for a 360-degree promotion of your brand.


At Solos Polymers, we constantly research and develop flexible packaging solutions that help your products benefit from sustained quality, longer shelf-life, and eye-catching aesthetics, thus boosting your customer loyalty and profitability. Contact us to know more about our packaging solutions and how we can customise them for your business.

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