Why Do We Need Gas Barrier Liners?Why Do We Need Gas Barrier Liners?July 19, 2022Packaging LinersBarrier liners are special liners used inside FIBC to protect the contents within the container. Typically, your choice of liner will depend on the type of FIBC and the material. While some are suitable for fine powdery substances, others are used for liquids. Gas barrier liners are a type of FIBC liners that serve to […]continue reading
Biodegradable Mulch Film: What is it & its BenefitsBiodegradable Mulch Film: What is it & its BenefitsJune 24, 2022Mulch Film  The rising carbon footprint is posing a serious threat to the environment. It aggravates global warming, contributes to climate change, contaminates the air and the soil, and leaves an overall negative impact on health and sustainability. In such an alarming scenario, it is only viable to shift to better and more sustainable agricultural practices […]continue reading
Top Things You Should Know About Pond LinersTop Things You Should Know About Pond LinersJune 17, 2022Pond linersPonds are natural, freshwater ecosystems built to store water. They serve as reservoirs and are life saviors in times when various parts of the world are hit by sudden dry spells. Ponds are created for a variety of reasons which include rainwater harvesting, providing water for farming, and livestock, and serving the human community at […]continue reading
Different Packaging Liners Offered by Solos PolymersDifferent Packaging Liners Offered by Solos PolymersMay 24, 2022Packaging LinersPackaging liners have a crucial impact on both commercial packaging and industrial applications. These protective solutions made of different polymers keep products safe inside flexible packaging from external influences. In bulk containers, packaging liners protect products from contamination while finding appropriate applications in industrial mining processes. With their widespread applicability, packaging liners take various forms to accommodate different […]continue reading
Benefits of Choosing the Right Plastic Mulch ManufacturersBenefits of Choosing the Right Plastic Mulch ManufacturersMay 16, 2022Mulch FilmPlastic mulch films, an inorganic alternative to the organic bark chips, hay, peat moss, etc., is a UV stabilized polyethylene film used to cover a cultivated bed of soil. Plastic mulch can insulate and condition the soil, besides preventing soil erosion. With plastic mulching, growers can conveniently harvest higher yields of improved-quality crops, with increased water-use […]continue reading
Impact of Flexible Packaging on Food SustainabilityImpact of Flexible Packaging on Food SustainabilityApril 12, 2022Flexible PackagingDid you know that 2.37 billion people worldwide did not have access to sufficient food in 2020? On the other hand, one-third of food produced globally is lost annually due to coordination gaps between the producers and retail sectors, and consumer habits. Finally, the global food industry is responsible for 30% of all GHG emissions. So, how does it all […]continue reading
Top Things to Know About Flexible Packaging PouchesTop Things to Know About Flexible Packaging PouchesMarch 23, 2022Flexible PackagingWorldwide, flexible packaging pouches crowd supermarket shelves, carrying items ranging from cosmetics to snacks, ready-to-cook products to nutritional supplements, consumer goods to industrial liquids. The demand for these flexible packaging solutions is evident in the expanding market volume that reports a staggering CAGR of 6.5% to reach USD73.5billion by 2026 from USD53.7 billion in 2021.   […]continue reading
How the Pet Food Industry Benefits from Flexible PackagingHow the Pet Food Industry Benefits from Flexible PackagingMarch 16, 2022Flexible PackagingFor pet parents, buying nutritious food in quality packaging is as important as for any human parent to ensure that they purchase quality and hygienic food for their pets. There is a rising demand among consumers and businesses alike for packaging that has a minimum environmental impact and keeps the food products safe and uncontaminated […]continue reading