Benefits of Choosing the Right Plastic Mulch Manufacturers

May 16, 2022 Mulch Film
Benefits of Choosing the Right Plastic Mulch Manufacturers

Plastic mulch films, an inorganic alternative to the organic bark chips, hay, peat moss, etc., is a UV stabilized polyethylene film used to cover a cultivated bed of soil. Plastic mulch can insulate and condition the soil, besides preventing soil erosion. With plastic mulching, growers can conveniently harvest higher yields of improved-quality crops, with increased water-use efficiency to boot.


Different Types of Plastic Mulches

Agricultural mulch films and biodegradable mulch films are the most common among the prevalent plastic mulches.

The PE base material of agricultural mulch films gives them the strength to weather the elements and last an entire crop cycle, offering immense agronomic benefits. These films come in a variety of colors, opacity, and thicknesses to suit the requirement of different crop types and prevailing weather conditions.

Although agricultural mulch films often draw flak for the possibility of leaving plastic residue in the soil, however, these undeniably offer effective weed control measures and reduce the risk of root damage.

To counter the drawback of PE mulch films, mulching film suppliers have developed an innovative environmentally sustainable version of the product. Unlike the conventional PE mulch films, which warrant careful removal from the field and safe disposal after every harvest season, the biodegradable mulch films decompose naturally into the soil without disturbing the solid integrity, saving both money and labor of the growers.

The biodegradable mulch films are sturdier than the regular agricultural mulches and offer the flexibility of customizing the thickness of the film as per the crop requirement. These are also available in dual tones of black-grey, black-red, black-yellow, grey-red, and grey-blue to accommodate the varying crop suitability.


Partnering with The Right Plastic Mulch Manufacturer

When choosing plastic mulch manufacturers, choose well because the quality of the mulch films you buy will affect the quality of your harvest. Ideally, mulch film suppliers should be able to advise on the type of mulching that will benefit your production the most. They should also offer appropriate customization options to suit specific climates and crop types.

The right mulch film supplier will be able to supply you with your required volume of mulch films at a short lead-time, thus not holding up your cultivation process for long.

Solos Polymers, a renowned mulching film manufacturer, produces both agricultural mulch films and biodegradable mulch films that can effectively meet any large-scale mulching requirement at a short notice. Want to boost your agricultural productivity with sustainable mulching? Contact us today for a quote!

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