Know the benefits of Stand Up Pouches for your Industry!

April 22, 2021 Flexible Packaging
Know the benefits of Stand Up Pouches for your Industry!

Stand up pouch is reusable, resealable zipper storage bags and containers that are available and manufactured in different sizes for use with different products of the different industry. Solos Polymers is a zip lock pouch manufacturer that offers customizable options for manufacturing zip-lock pouches as per the demand of their customers. Mainly these zip log bags are used for storing food and pharmaceutical products, therefore the manufacturing of these bags is done using premium quality raw materials. Such high-quality zip lock pouch bags or stand up pouches provides benefits like:

Product Safety

Ziplock pouches are designed in a way to keep the stored product fresh for a long period. While manufacturing we use several specialty films like puncture-resistant films. There are many other films too that protect against moisture, UV rays, environmental changes, external elements, and so much more. We as a stand-up pouch supplier understand and try to fulfill the requirements of our clients because we believe more in customer satisfaction.


We can proudly say that zip lock bag pouches offered by us are environment-friendly. Plastic packaging products are nowadays much demanding, thus earlier they weren’t biodegradable. But as the new technology thrives in, we have quickly switched our plastic packaging materials into biodegradable and recyclable materials. Plus, besides being qualities like biodegradable and recyclable, the pouches we manufacture contain the same safety and quality as earlier.


Plastic zip lock pouches satisfy every aspect of transportation. The main two aspects are durability and cost reduction. During transportation, the shipped product should not get damaged or spoiled. As the manufactured zip lock consists of various films they are tear and wear-resistant that ensures the avoidance of the damage of the product. Not only it shows higher durability, but it also provides you a cost-effective solution. One can fit a large number of units in a single time which lowers the fuel cost, ultimately transporting cost is also reduced.

Shape & Structure

The most common stand up pouch with which almost every one of us is familiar is a round bottom gusset pouch that can be folded flat once it has been emptied. Stand up pouches are generally used to be kept on the mall shelves, therefore a die-cut pouch may attract many consumers. Some additional options available in shapes and sizes are:

  • Vacuum zip lock pouch
  • Bottom gusset pouch
  • Flat bottom pouch
  • Transparentstand up pouch
  • Side sealed pouch and more

Printing & Customization

We offer our customers various printing and customization options. The zip-lock pouches manufactured have a surface that can be printed using HD graphics. Also, if a customer needs a bag varying in shapes and sizes then we provide options that suit their requirements.

These benefits of stand-up plastic pouch packaging for an industry holder like you will also let you meet the goals of your business. Get plastic pouches for packaging at the most budget-friendly rates and make your industry stand out from the competition.

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